Rena de Santa Fe - Native American Portrait Artist


Participating in the Eldorado art show this month was an exciting, kind of scary, wonderful experience. There were many talented artisans participating, none the same as the other, and I think it's one of the best I've ever seen. Guests were fun, artists were generous with each other, and I had a great time. I don't think any of us sold as much as we wanted to-blame the economy-but we all sold, and we all were happy at the end of the weekend. I think this is not unusual: I didn't sell what I thought I would, but sold much, much more of other items that I considered "fill-in" somehow. I am grateful that everyone who stopped by my little space enjoyed the work and enriched my life as much as I hope I enriched theirs. That's what it's about, you know; affirmation, acceptance, dollars on the line, and (excuse me) love.

Frosting on the cake was sales after the show!

Now getting ready for Thanksgiving. I won't be at a loss for grace. Happy Thanksgiving to whoever may read this. May the day give you many reasons to smile.